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Jewish Life in Brighton

Jewish life in Brighton has been going strong since the late 18th century. The community that is now BHHC was formally founded in 1780. The Jewish community grew with the town from its very earliest days. For more than two centuries now Brighton has played a role in UK Jewish life and Jewish life has played its part in Brighton. Today Brighton continues to offer a welcoming and vibrant Jewish community. BHHC is at the centre of this and gives support and continuity to the wider community vision.

Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation maintains two synagogues, West Hove Synagogue in New Church Road, Hove and Middle Street Synagogue in central Brighton.


Maintaining an orthodox lifestyle in Brighton is straightforward. BHHC is geared to the needs of maintaining a shomer-shabbat lifestyle for those to whom this is an essential facet of family life. Similarly BHHC equally recognizes and caters for the needs of those who maintain a traditional orthodox outlook. We foster and support various educational projects to maintain a healthy level of communal continuity.

Regular Communal Services

BHHC runs a full schedule of regular synagogue services every single day of the week. The times of the services are listed available on this site. The regular service is of the standard UK Ashkenasi type. Active participation in all synagogue services by all members of our community is encouraged. We operate two synagogues, West Hove Synagogue (recently extensively refurbished to celebrate its 50th anniversary) and the world-class historic Middle Street Synagogue which is presently undergoing complete a complete English Heritage-standard restoration.

Communal Events

We have a wide program of communal events that cater for all ages and tastes. We are always pleased to hear from people with new ideas and give them support and nurture.


Brighton has several outlets where pre-packaged Kosher products may be purchased easily. Alternative arrangements with traders in nearby London are easily made. Brighton has a number of venues that cater for kosher functions and also a number of licensed kosher caterers.

Going Green

We want to cut down on paper. If you are a BHHC member and would prefer to receive future newsletters by e-mail please send us your name and your current email details. Click here and email us. This should also save on unnecessary expenses which can go to better use.

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