News 09-2009

Middle Street Synagogue: Open Day. Heritage Open Day: "One of Europe's Greatest Synagogues". In 1874, a project for a new synagogue in Brighton was put out to tender. It was won by Thomas Lainson, a well-known local architect and the new synagogue opened in 1875. The exterior has been described as both Byzantine and Romanesque and looks slightly out of place in its side street home. The interior, described by Anthony Dale as amongst the most splendid synagogue interiors in Europe, it certainly is quite spectacular. Sun 13 Sep:1400-1630. Free Entry.


Clean the brass, clean the glass, polish the wood, help the publicity, fundraising, become a tour guide. We need volunteers! We need you! Get in touch right now and become a part of the big family that is the Friends of Middle Street Historic Synagogue

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us. Be a part of a living piece of history!


We can show you all the photographs we like but the best photographs you can see are the random photographs that other people come in and take. This is how people see us not just how we see ourselves.

Public gallery at

NEW : 360 degree interactive panoramas by Brighton photographer Duncan McNeill.

and some more good pictures here also!

Stained Glass

To the casual visitor one of the most striking features are the myriad colours and designs of the stained glass windows. Each set is unique. Some of the "renaissance" design windows are stylistically based upon the early Arts and Crafts movement designs of William Morris. We've put together a few basic galleries of these. Go to the "gallery" page for more. Click the links below and a seperate window will open with the gallery.

Ground floor

First floor

Apex level

The Holy Land Columns

In the main hall the capitals of the columns all represent different floral and botanical specimens from the Middle East and specifically what is now modern-day Israel. There are 24 different designs and all are unique. Amongst the golden undergrowth can be seen pomegranate, citron, barley, grapes, pistachio, jujube, fritillaria and almonds. To see 12 click the link below. To see 24 come and visit!

Ground floor

The Golden Botanical Columns

All the carved stone capitals between the stained glass windows in the Mens and Ladies Galleries are individually carved with no two being exactly. Each floor has twenty designs each side making a total of 80. The capitals bordering the stained glass windows at roof level are more uniform in their design. For a selection of photos click the link below. For all 80 come and visit!

Botanical Columns