News 09-2009

Middle Street Synagogue: Open Day. Heritage Open Day: "One of Europe's Greatest Synagogues". In 1874, a project for a new synagogue in Brighton was put out to tender. It was won by Thomas Lainson, a well-known local architect and the new synagogue opened in 1875. The exterior has been described as both Byzantine and Romanesque and looks slightly out of place in its side street home. The interior, described by Anthony Dale as amongst the most splendid synagogue interiors in Europe, it certainly is quite spectacular. Sun 13 Sep:1400-1630. Free Entry.


Clean the brass, clean the glass, polish the wood, help the publicity, fundraising, become a tour guide. We need volunteers! We need you! Get in touch right now and become a part of the big family that is the Friends of Middle Street Historic Synagogue

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us. Be a part of a living piece of history!

Join in!

We'd be delighted to meet YOU! We'd be grateful for whatever help you feel able to provide however small or occasional you may feel that could be! Every single minute of your enthusiasm helps. You want to come and put the kettle on for half-an-hour a year that's fine. You want to come every week, that's fine also. Somewhere in between even, that's also fine. You want to bring your own can of brasso and a soft cloth, that's fine but we have some anyway! You want to show us how clean and tidy you'd make it if it was your own home, come on down and show us! Meet some different people for a change maybe, mix with enthusiastic people for a change.


Can YOU help with fundraising? Put together a fund raising event? Don't keep it to yourself - let us know and get involved!

You may want to help financially towards the upkeep repair and restoration of the building. Every little bit helps whatever the size. 1 prints 50 programme leaflets to enlighten the general public gratis on open days. 2 goes towards a can of brasso and a cloth. 3 replaces some long-life energy efficient lightbulbs. 4 pays for a can of oil to maintain all the locks and hinges. 5 pays for leather to replace the valves on the organ bellows. And so on. 1000 will pay for the full restoration of one of the magnificent menorah candelabras either side of the Ark with every single piece fully dismantled, professionally cleaned and polished then relaquered to last for decades and decades into the future. 300,000 will restore the building structurally, fix the roof and make an excellent start on the interior. Don't bother with buying two Sunday papers this week, send us a can of polish and a cloth instead. Send us your enthusiastic good wishes even.

Middle Street needs to continue to take forward it's powerful liberating messages of inter-community harmony and the core beliefs that lie at its heart. Remember, cultured societies that take pride in their communal buildings take a cultured pride in their community. The building was built to convey this timeless message from the past into the future of our today. You may want to give your time. You may prefer to send 1. The great thinker Maimonides said that there are different ways of giving. However you give is entirely your choice. Even you can make the crucial difference, even half and hour of your time.